Business Restructuring

  • Review Legal Ownership and Operational Structure for Purpose of Making Business More Profitable or Better Organized for its Present Needs
  • Evaluate Current Business Plans
  • Recommend Go Forward Strategies
  • Review Operating Expense Structures, Institute Cost Measures
  • Provide Consulting in Area of Personnel Management, Benefits, Human Resources, Payroll

Evaluation of Assets

  • Market Analysis
  • Property Condition Review
  • Location Analysis
  • Economic Indicators
  • Establishment of a Base Line Value
  • Alternative Value Added

Build a Business Plan

  • Re-Position Asset
  • Re-Zoning
  • Brownfield Remediation
  • Redevelop
  • Repair
  • Renovation
  • Tax Appeals
  • Tenant Retention or Eviction
  • Clean Up
  • Property Preservation